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Running Start 2017 Needs Your Help

It's January, and preparations for Running Start are ramping up -- right now, we're looking for Godivans interested in being pacers. Those who’ve served as pacers in the past know how fun and rewarding it can be. We are hoping to have a large group of trainees this year, and we need plenty of pacers to give them the attention the deserve as they start their running journeys.

  • What does a pacer do? We think of a pacer as a cross between a coach and a cheerleader. You’ll help guide and encourage inexperienced runners through a progressive series of timed run/walk intervals. The program starts with one minute of running at a time, and by the end of the 11 weeks, trainees are running 30 minutes at a time (some continously, some still with intervals). Pacers not only keep track of when it’s time to run and walk, we talk with them about our experiences, show them stretches, and encourage them to keep coming back.
  • How much time do I need to commit? Each run takes about an hour, from warm-up to post-run stretching. Runners run three times a week; pacers can be a little more flexible as long as we've got enough pacers to cover our runners. We’d like pacers to commit to two or more days a week, but even if you can only pace one day a week, we’re happy to have you!
  • When are the training runs? Everyone runs on Saturday mornings at the Al Buehler Trail at Duke. During the week, there will be evening (6pm) runs at Al Buehler, RTP, and the ATT (near Bull City Running). We understand that people travel for races (and have other commitments) on the weekends, so committing to Saturdays does not mean you have to be there for every single run. If you're worried about getting your own run in, pacers often run before or after the session (a Running Start run can be a good warm-up or cool-down!)
  • How do I know what to do? Running Start is a pretty well-oiled machine, and we've got a chart spelling out the run/walk intervals for each week. In addition, we will hold a “pacer orientation” before the program starts, so we are sure to be consistent in our approach (and to answer any questions you may have). You can also contact Halle and Shauna at runningstart@carolinagodiva. org with questions.
  • How long does the program run?  Running Start will begin at Al Buehler on Saturday, March 4th and finish with a graduation 5K on Saturday, May 20th. 

2017 Running Start Pacer Interest Form