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Archived reports: January, 2017, February 2017, March, 2017, April, 2017

Chattanooga Marathon
Chattaooga, TN
March 05,2017
Allen Baddour2:45:25 2nd M Overall
Tabacco Road Half Marathon
Cary, NC
March 19,2017
Allen Baddour1:18:32 2nd M Master
Crush Colorectal Cancer 5K (4.1 miles)
Durham, NC
March 25,2017
Susie Hansley49:30
Cleft Palate Gallop 5K
Chapel Hill, NC
April 01,2017
Allen Baddour17:07 2nd M Overall
Not So Normal 3/4 Marathon
Chapel Hill, NC
April 02,2017
Allen Baddour1:59:13 1st M Overall
Rock & Roll Half Marathon
Raleigh, NC
April 02,2017
Gordon Caviness1:50:54
Rock & Roll Marathon
Raleigh, NC
April 02,2017
Mark Manz2:53:29 2nd M 30 - 35
Durham, NC
April 08,2017
Barton Bechard17:17 2nd M Overall
Ethan Astrachan20:13
Caren Mangarelli20:18
Adam Astrachan20:33
Owen Astrachan22:01
Shelly Bloom25:38
Collie Fulford31:09
Agnieszka Mccort31:10
Susie Gilbert33:55
Karen Murphy45:08
Margaret Mccann49:35
Cary Road Race 10K
Cary, NC
April 08,2017
Richard Finnegan48:38
Charlie Kincaid50:29 1st M 65 - 69
James Hung51:59 2nd M 1 - 13
Charlene Flahiff1:06:13
Carrie Shoemaker 5K
Durham, NC
April 08,2017
Kevin Rumsey19:05 1st M Overall
Mountain to Sea 12 Mile
Durham, NC
April 09,2017
Christopher Boyce1:52:34
Elizabeth Steffens1:55:12
Jen Smart1:59:13
James Lewis2:13:36
Jennifer Boyce2:19:54
Mountain to Sea 50K
Durham, NC
April 09,2017
Erin Jobe5:04:43 1st F Overall
Ronnie Weed5:41:15
Becky Trumbull5:50:19 1st F Master
Katherine Baer6:14:10
Kevin Gauger7:06:20
Jennifer Browndorf7:24:32
Victoria Kendra7:27:53
Greg Runyon7:53:34
Boston Marathon
Boston, MA
April 17,2017
Tim Meigs2:41:48 1st M 50 - 54
Region K Senior Games 1100
Henderson, NC
April 18,2017
Kevin Rumsey04:05 1st M Grandmaster
Region K Senior Games 400
Henderson, NC
April 18,2017
Kevin Rumsey01:15 1st M Grandmaster
Tar Heel 4 Miler
Chapel Hill, NC
April 22,2017
Allen Baddour23:20 2nd M Overall
Tar Heel 10 Miler
Chapel Hill, NC
April 22,2017
Allen Baddour1:01:58 2nd M Master
Tar Heel Double Down
Chapel Hill, NC
April 22,2017
Allen Baddour1:25:28 1st M Overall
Angels Among Us 5K
Durham, NC
April 29,2017
Anthony Corriveau19:23 1st M 45 - 49
Kevin Rumsey20:34
Kevin Mccabe21:16
Douglas Hensel23:02
Shannon Johnstone23:29 1st F 40 - 44
Kevin Poole23:35
Heiko Rath23:39
Becky Trumbull23:45 1st F 55 - 59
John Haws23:48
Chris Selvaggi23:54
Andrew Signor24:09
Paul Wormsbecher24:11 3rd M 55 - 59
Craig Heinly25:17
Tom Griffin25:38 1st M 70+
William Harris25:43
Denise Larson27:31
Michael Formy-Duval28:17
Dana Hornkohl28:33
Jim Van Welzen28:50
Dawn Bardon28:50
Sandra Cooke33:08
Martha Klopfer40:26 3rd F 70+
Louise Guardino40:26 2nd F 70+
Susie Hansley44:30
Scott Herman-Giddens55:27
Supatra Campbell57:04