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Thursday PM @ the ATT

American Tobacco Trail, Durham, 6:00 p.m.

Location: 202 North Carolina HWY 54. Durham, NC 27713. Kroger Grocery Store, South Point Crossing shopping center, Southwest Durham. We meet on the end of the sidewalk that is closer to the Kroger Gasoline.

Distance: Up to 8.4 miles. During the summer, you can turn around whenever you wish on the ATT to get as few or as many miles as you want. We have some loops that go through Hope Valley and Woodcroft neighborhoods that range from 7 miles to 8.4 miles.

Coordinators: Katie Biasi, 919-593-2578 and Paul Wormsbecher, 919-303-0443

Description: This run takes place either completely on a paved trail; or partially on the paved trail and partially on neighborhood streets; or completely on the neighborhood trails (when the days are short). We have a regular winter route, and there are hilly and flat versions of the summer route. This run typically offers two pace groups. One group is a 7:30 pace, give or take 30 seconds. The other group ranges from 8:30 to 9:30, depending on the heat.