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Cross Country Series 2020

The Godiva Cross Country Series returns this September, but like much else this year, it will be different. Like summer track, the XC series will be a do it yourself affair, with a system for reporting your results online.

We will still offer the alternating venues between Finley XC Trail @ Chapel Hill and Al Buehler Trail @ Durham, but you'll also be able to choose a 5, 8, or 10k of your own if those times and locations don't work for you. So if you want to map out a cross country worthy route at Umstead State Park,  or along some other trail, go for it.

The start/finish and turnaround points on the traditional routes in Chapel Hill and Durham will be marked, but there will be no arrows on the course, so familiarize yourself with the maps if necessary.

Participants will have from Monday morning until Wednesday evening each week to do their runs and report their times.

Keeping with the familiar schedule, we'll have 5k and 8k runs on the "Chapel Hill" weeks -- Aug. 31, Sept. 14, Sept. 28 -- and 5k, 8k, or 10k options for the "Durham" weeks -- Sept. 7 and Sept. 21.

We'll miss some of the best parts of the series by not getting everyone together on Wednesday evenings, but we'll still have  Godiva runs on the calendar for some motivation, and we may even gain a few more participants because of the more flexible schedule.

Please join us, no donations necessary!

Questions? Contact the series director.