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Virtual Hard Climb Hill Run 2021

Dates:  March 13-21

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The Hard Climb Hill race will be held virtually again this year beginning on Saturday, March 13. Two options are the traditional HCH course at Gate 23 of the Duke Forest and the courses at Umstead State Park laid out by Bill Harris last year (thanks, Bill). If you would like to choose another course, pick one of the appropriate distance (3, 7 or 10 miles) and, of course, with lots of hills.

We run at Duke Forest with permission of The Duke Forest. We must adhere to their policy regarding mask-wearing. Duke University requires proper mask-wearing on all University property, including in the Duke Forest. The staff has received complaints from other users of The Forest of “runners huffing and puffing up Hard Climb Hill and “spewing” breath everywhere.” We are allowed to use the roads and trails at the Duke Forest with their permission. If we don’t follow their policies, we risk losing that privilege. We run three events in the Duke Forest; the Couch Mountain Run, the New Year’s Day Run and the Hard Climb Hill Run. In addition, we have organized group runs in the Duke Forest.

If you run the traditional course at the Duke Forest, be aware of other users of the roads, especially those riding horses. If you approach a horseman using the road, slow down to a walk until you are past before beginning to run again.

Tom Griffin