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Running Start Twelve Week to 5k Training Program

Godiva Running Start is a program for new and returning runners that uses a structured, progressive series of run-walk workouts to prepare participants to successfully complete a 5k run. The program has produced hundreds of alumni over many years.

The Running Start program was the first of its kind in the Triangle. With the growth of other runner training programs in our area such as Fleet Feet and Bull City Running Company, the demand for Godiva to offer a new and returning runners program was lessened. As such, Godiva no longer offers the Running Start program. However, for those who would like to use the Running Start program to begin running or return to running in a self-coached format, we proudly offer the Running Start model training schedule below! Feel free to use this for self-coached workouts, either with a group or individually. 

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We also invite you to join us for any of our events - whether or not you are a member of Godiva! We offer a year-round calendar of events: informal track meets, cross country and trail runs, and social events for runners of all ages and abilities. Due to COVID, many of these events have become virtual, but once it becomes safe to do so, we will resume in-person activities.

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