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The 1001 Mile Challenge

The 1001 Mile Challenge is a new Godiva initiative for 2020 to encourage an increased commitment to exercise along with friendly competition. As a Godiva member, you can enroll in the challenge and keep track of your intentional completed miles, regardless of pace, throughout the calendar year. We'll provide online tracking of monthly and overall progress.

CGTC 1001 Mile ChallengeAll participants who complete 1001 or more miles by the end of the year will receive an official certificate and a finisher surprise! We will also declare a 1001 Mile Challenge Champion at the end of the year.

The rules are simple:

For tracking purposes we will use the Godiva Membership Portal on the club website.

Once you’ve logged into your membership account you’ll see the option “Member Mileage” on the left side of screen. Selecting this brings up a graph showing your mileage and previous distances logged. In the upper right hand section there is a “Log mileage” option which allows you to add new entries. You can log your miles how often you like, from daily to just once per month. Monthly totals will use the date of the “Logged On” field to assign entered miles to the respective month.

Contact with any questions.

Happy running/walking/tracking in 2020!