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Running Start 2016

Running Start is a program for new and returning runners that uses a structured, progressive series of run-walk workouts to prepare participants to successfully complete a 5k run. The program has produced hundreds of alumni over many years.

While the club has been fortunate to have volunteer leaders to organize the training sessions and lead multiple pace groups at different venues through the western Triangle in past years, we do not have the volunteer leadership available to offer the 2016 Running Start program in its traditional format. However, we refuse to let a resourcing issue stand in our way! So, while the full program won't be offered this season, we are publishing our coveted and proven-to-be-successful run-walk training schedule below. We encourage both new and returning runners to adopt the program into their self-coached workouts this spring and to target an upcoming Saturday morning Durham parkrun as a goal race for showing off all their hard work! Participants who don't want to train alone are welcome to train with other runners at the club's weekly runs.

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