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Winter Series 2020-21 - COVID Edition

Series Standings

Winter Series races are low-key, low-stakes, mostly cross-country runs meant for enjoyment and camaraderie. Runners of all abilities are welcome to participate!!

A message from series director Susie Costellanos Hansley:

The Board has been delighted in hosting COVID-type runs, and we have appreciated the enthusiastic response of our members to these. Inspired by the fine job Ethan Caldwell and Patrick Bruer have done with COVID Summer Track and COVID XC, respectively, the Board asked our intrepid Winter Series Race Directors: Are you willing to direct a COVID-style WS event for this season? YES was the unanimous answer from all our RDs!

We don’t have exact details for every single event, so below is a general schedule. We anticipate that the newsletter for that month’s race (or races, as we’ll want to post our December and New Year’s Day race info in the December Newsletter) will have details. We will also put the specific race details on the website and link to those in Facebook once they are posted.

You will still be able to earn an Incredibly Beautiful Shirt if you complete 5 out of 7 events (or 4 out of 7 if one of your 4 is the Hard Climb Hill 10-miler). As no volunteers are needed for remote events, there’s no earning of points via volunteerism this year unless the RD’s let us know that you helped them out in some way. (I believe Anthony Corriveau may earn his WS shirt without running a thing simply by being the tech go-to guy for remote races!)

We are requesting a donation of $10 for the entire winter series, or $2 per event. This is to help finance some of the other things that still have to occur even though we're not having in person events. To register and pre-pay, please go to the series signup page.

Below is the Series Schedule. As information is shared by our RD’s, we will update each event page accordingly.

We look forward to “seeing” you at the Winter Series!