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About this App
Welcome club members. Log into this Web App to view your membership account information, log miles for the 1,001 mile challenge, and access other member-only resources online. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found below.
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Terms of Service
This app was created for club members by club members. No club funds were used to design and build this app. Any app updates are performed by non-paid volunteers. With that said, sometimes things will break (like social logins), but we try to get these things resolved as soon as possible. Also functionality may change from time to time, but hopefully it is for the better. We only use the social login or other login functions to verify you are a club member, so your logins will not give us access to your Facebook or Google accounts.
Privacy Policy
We do not collect any additional information from social logins or other membership app logins, so what you provided us when you registered with the club is what we have.
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