Carolina Godiva Track Club All-Comers Meet, August 3, 2002


A year after losing the team title to the Durham School of the Arts, Godiva regained team laurels. The main reason is that in 2002 famed Ironpersons and the "first family of running in N.C.," (Barbara Hindenach, Tom Kirby, and Conrad Kirby), the mainstays of the 2001 DSA team, returned to the CGTC fold and racked up their usual large haul of ribbons. In addition, Hindenach captured the NC/USAT&F 5K racewalking championship, adding real cash to her many awards. Racewalking newcomer, Tony Hackney proved to be a fast learner as he captured the men’s 5K racewalk.

As always, the many volunteers who spent a miserable, hot and humid morning at the DA track made the All-Comers meet possible. My warm thanks to: Charles Alden, Kim Brewsaugh, Chris Crowder, Mark Dessauer, Peter Klopfer, Grace Mutz, Paul Naylor, Joanne Piscitelli, John Schreiber, Gary Schultz, Heather Sherrard, Don Thomas, and Rachel Warriner. Special thanks to Chris Crowder for getting NC/USAT&F certification for the 5K racewalking championship. My apologies if I left anyone out.

3000 meters: Men: Open: Conrad Kirby 11:02. Masters: David Couper 10:15, Michael Hamm 11:10, Hendrik Joubert 11:42, Ken Reckhow 12:21, Tom Kirby 12:52, Zach Osborne 12:58. Women: Open: Anna Lin 12:25, Cindy Joubert 13:04. Masters: Joanne Piscitelli 14:54.

Mile: Men: Youth: Asher Colburn 6:18. Open: Conrad Kirby 5:22, Stephen Fraser 5:30. Masters: Owen Astrachan 5:16, Michael Hamm 5:21, Tom Hare 5:43, Lindsey Puryear 6:07, Tom Kirby 6:55. Women: Open: Mary Szymkowski 7:20. Masters: Kate Colburn 8:03, Barbara Hindenach 8:22.

100 meters: Men: Open: Zeke Tuten 11.7, Bart Hondebrink 11.8, Greg Jones 12.5, Chris Sarsony 12.6, Russell Warriner 13.4. Masters: John Schreiber 14.7, Mike Valle 16.9. Women: Open: Judith Emmen 14.5. Masters: Joanne Piscitelli 17.5

800 meters: Men: Youth: Asher Colburn 2:50. Open: Rob Deaner 2:08, Jeff Forbes 2:20. Masters: Michael Hamm 2:14, Maxwell Hamlyn 2:27, Lindsay Puryear 2:41, Vance Holloman 2:57, Edwin Harris 3:05, Milt Bliss 3:41. Women: Open: Anna Lin 2:54, Mary Szymkowski 3:15. Masters: Joanne Piscitelli 3:21.

200 meters: Men: Youth: Asher Colburn 33.7. Open: Zeke Tuten 24.4, Bart Hondebrink 24.6, Jeff Forbes 25.0, Chris Sarsony 25.8, Rob Deaner 27.2. Masters: John Schreiber 32.3, Vance Holloman 33.6, Ken Reckhow 35.3, Milt Bliss 42.9. Women: Open: Judith Emmen 31.4. Masters: Kate Colburn 36.0, Joanne Piscitelli 36.3, Barbara Hindenach 44.4.

400 meters: Men: Youth: Asher Colburn 1:20. Open: Chris Sarsony 1:01, Zeke Tuten 1:09. Masters: Maxwell Hamlyn 1:06, Lindsey Puryear 1:10, Vance Holloman 1:17, Tom Kirby 1:20, Mike Valle 1:25. Women: Open: Mary Szymkowski 1:28. Masters: Kate Colburn 1:43, Barbara Hindenach 1:46.

Long Jump: Men: Open: Zeke Tuten 19-10_, Bart Hondebrink 19-8_, Stephen Fraser 12-5. Masters: John Schreiber 14-0. Women: Open: Anna Lin 9-7_. Masters: Barbara Hindenach 5-10.

4x100 relay: Men: CGTC [Conrad Kirby, Tom Kirby, Asher Colburn, Bart Hondebrink], 59.1. Women: CGTC [Barbara Hindenach, Kate Colburn, Mary Szymkowski, Joanne Piscitelli], 1:13.9.

NC/USA Track & Field State Championship 5K racewalk

Men: Tony Hackney 34:09, Andrew Briggs 34:15, Bill Kelley 36:18

Women: Barbara Hindenach 35:40, Katherine Fincher 35:45, Gayle Sink 35:50.

Judges: Ole Holsti, Grace Mutz, and Gary Schultz.