Eno Equalizer: January 29 2005

The Eno Equalizer - originally scheduled for January 22 - was postponed at the last minute when a severe weather alert was issued for the Triangle Area. As things turned out, the forecast snow and ice did not actually arrive until about noon, and a few runners who had not heard about the postponement showed up anyway for the race. Whether we should have gone ahead in the face of such a weather forecast is debatable (as Walter Fowler said to me, "This is the winter series - there's supposed to be snow and ice"), but clearly we would have been taking a gamble had we ignored the forecast.

So, the event was hastily rescheduled for January 29, again under the threat of a severe weather warning for later in the day, but we went ahead and were rewarded with cold (low thirties) but otherwise dry and clear conditions. The new system for drawing up the teams used "computer times" based on actual performances in races over the last year. The other rules, however, were the same as in previous years: the runners were asked to make their own "predicted times" that were used to determine the start times (slowest runner in each team starts first, then the other two team members start at the times which, if the predicted times were accurate, would just allow them to catch the first runner). Finally a formula was used to calculate the "official time" for each team (the slowest of the finish times for that team, minus the average of the start times) that rewards both fast running and accurate prediction of finish times.

For the first time in this event, we decided to have the runners wear numbers to minimize the likelihood of mistakes at the finish line - this plan would have worked rather better if the race director had remembered to bring along the safety pins (which he left at home), but most of the runners carried their numbers with them, and it definitely helped keep the results in order. My thanks to the volunteers for helping to make the race run smoothly: Dwayne Allen, Shelly Bloom, Delaine Deal, Walter Fowler, Gary Schultz and Jerry Surh.

As UNC's Playmakers Theater stages "Copenhagen", a play that explores both the scientific and philosophical implications of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, it is worth remembering that all predictions are subject to uncertainty, whether they concern the weather or the performance of runners in a race. Meanwhile, I hope everyone enjoyed the run.

Richard Smith
Race Director

Team Results

Team Place Name Computer Predicted Start Finish Net Time
1 1Bill Dentler 35:1535:20 3:4038:5335:13
1 1Doug Granade 30:2631:00 8:0037:0829:08
1 1Charlene Simmons 39:3339:00 0:0038:5338:53
1 1Average35:05---34:25
1 1OFFICIAL TIME----35:00
2 2John Charlton 36:3936:00 0:0036:2736:27
2 2Tom Kirby 34:1833:00 3:0037:1334:13
2 2Karen Murphy 34:1734:00 2:0037:2235:22
2 2Average35:05---35:21
2 2OFFICIAL TIME----35:42
9 3Dave Havlick 26:5027:0018:0043:5125:51
9 3Barbara Hindenach 42:4145:00 0:0045:0545:05
9 3Christopher Boyce 36:1340:00 5:0042:3737:37
9 3Average35:15---36:11
9 3OFFICIAL TIME----37:25
4 4Gordon Keeler 34:1634:30 2:3036:3734:07
4 4Rhonda Mickelson 36:3137:00 0:0039:1639:16
4 4George Retsch-Bogart34:3134:30 2:3036:4734:17
4 4Average35:06---35:53
4 4OFFICIAL TIME----37:36
6 5Charles Alden 36:2537:40 1:5040:5639:06
6 5Deb Bialeschki 39:5039:30 0:0041:5241:52
6 5Frank Murray 29:1730:00 9:3042:5033:20
6 5Average35:11---38:06
6 5OFFICIAL TIME----39:03
10 6Carolyn Huettel 36:2836:30 2:0038:4536:45
10 6John Lloyd 29:4629:46 8:4437:2928:45
10 6Nigel Kirby 39:1738:30 0:0043:1943:19
10 6Average35:10---36:16
10 6OFFICIAL TIME----39:44
3 7Natacha Janvier-Derilus33:1034:00 6:0043:5837:58
3 7Alfred Kleinhammes 39:0740:00 0:0043:5843:58
3 7Ann Miller 33:2034:00 6:0043:5837:58
3 7Average35:12---39:58
3 7OFFICIAL TIME----39:58
8 8Jim Clabuesch 25:2629:0018:0046:4628:46
8 8Walter Rogan 44:4347:00 0:0047:3147:31
8 8Chris Selvaggi 35:2443:13 3:4744:5041:03
8 8Average35:11---39:07
8 8OFFICIAL TIME----40:15
5 9Paul Bloom 33:2533:45 0:1540:4240:27
5 9Douglas Tilden 32:4733:45 0:1538:5938:44
5 9Karen Poole-Dawkins 39:2034:00 0:0038:5938:59
5 9Average35:11---39:23
5 9OFFICIAL TIME----40:32
7 10Lisa Beck 36:2136:21 0:0040:3440:34
7 10Jim Wassenberg 33:4433:44 2:3736:5134:14
7 10Mary Szymkowski 35:1435:14 1:0744:4043:33
710OFFICIAL TIME----43:25

Individual Runner Times

Name Computer Time Predicted Time Actual Time
Dave Havlick 26:5027:0025:51
John Lloyd 29:4629:4628:45
Jim Clabuesch 25:2629:0028:46
Doug Granade 30:2631:0029:08
Frank Murray 29:1730:0033:20
Gordon Keeler 34:1634:3034:07
Tom Kirby 34:1833:0034:13
Jim Wassenberg 33:4433:4434:14
George Retsch-Bogart34:3134:3034:17
Bill Dentler 35:1535:2035:13
Karen Murphy 34:1734:0035:22
John Charlton 36:3936:0036:27
Carolyn Huettel 36:2836:3036:45
Christopher Boyce 36:1340:0037:37
Ann Miller 33:2034:0037:58
Natacha Janvier-Derilus33:1034:0037:58
Douglas Tilden 32:4733:4538:44
Charlene Simmons 39:3339:0038:53
Karen Poole-Dawkins 39:2034:0038:59
Charles Alden 36:2537:4039:06
Rhonda Mickelson 36:3137:0039:16
Paul Bloom 33:2533:4540:27
Lisa Beck 36:2136:2140:34
Chris Selvaggi 35:2443:1341:03
Deb Bialeschki 39:5039:3041:52
Nigel Kirby 39:1738:3043:19
Mary Szymkowski 35:1435:1443:33
Alfred Kleinhammes 39:0740:0043:58
Barbara Hindenach 42:4145:0045:05
Walter Rogan 44:4347:0047:31