Club History

Our club, registered as an independent NC nonprofit organization in 1981, traces its roots to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill running club founded in the 1975-6 school year by an undergraduate Morehead Scholar, David Royle, from England. Its name was a whimsical tribute to a thriving cross-country club, the Coventry Godiva Harriers, established a century earlier (ca. 1879) in  David's homeland. That's how we became the Carolina Godiva Track Club.

Listed below are some special Godivans who have distinguished themselves by winning awards, serving as  club president, or volunteering as editor of our monthly newsletter.

Annual Awards

Year Volunteer of the Year Male Runner of the Year Female Runner of the Year
1984 Joel Gempler Dave Smith (open) Janice High (open)
    Bill Hall (master) Martha Klopfer (master)
1985 Margrid Krueger Ed Daw Janice High
1986 Rick Whaley Ed Darken Martha Klopfer
1987 Jim Reagan Ole Holsti Janice High
1988 Rob Montgomery Dave Vandenbroek Margie Stockton
  Margrid Krueger    
1989 Fred Askin Maurice McDonald Gretchen Klopfer
1990 Margie Stockton Brian Palmer Lena Hollmann
1991 Martin Shipp Owen Astrachan Martha Klopfer
1992 Tom & Gail Fowler Jim Clabuesch Lynn Lashley
1993 Paul Naylor Brian Palmer Lena Hollmann
1994 Margrid Krueger Ole Holsti Sue Cullen
1995 Judy Thomson Harvey Goldstein Lena Hollmann
1996 Gordon Keeler Curt Clausen Betsy Kempter
1997 Patrick Bruer Jim Clabuesch Diane Vandenbroek
1998 Gordon Keeler Paul Gronke Missy Foy
1999 Charles Alden Larry Miller Missy Foy
2000 Tom Kirby Jim Clabuesch Cathy Wides
2001 Karla Henderson Emil Ardelean Rachel Toor
2002 Carolyn Huettel Max Hamlyn Ann Miller
2003 Bruce Koenig (posth.) Paul Bloom Denise Fry
2004 Barbara Hindenach Kevin Nickodem Shelly Bloom
2005 Chris Crowder Paul Jones Heather Yeowell
  Bob Nelson    
2006 Chris Selvaggi Ronnie Weed Karen Murphy
2007 Jim Clabuesch Mike Aldrink Denise Larson
2008 Don Anthony Paul Greene Claudia Clarke
2009 Patrick Bruer Abie Harris Mary Szymkowski
    Paul Potorti  
2010 Halle Amick Ulf André Yvonne Ou
2011 J. Mickey Fong Anthony Corriveau Shannon Johnstone
2012 Kevin Nickodem Tim Meigs Cathy Wides
2013 Aline Lloyd Bart Bechard Rietta Couper
2014 Shauna Griffin Kevin Nickodem Louise Guardino
2015 Richard Wolfe Greg Sousa Jess Broglie
2016 Denise Larson Mike Kelley Tina Clossick
2017 Doug Hensel Kevin McCabe Megan Sullivan
2018 Susie Hansley William Harris Ariana Bevilacqua
2019 Ethan Caldwell Mark Manz Roxanne Springer
2020 Patrick Bruer Tom Griffin Melissa Chiti
2021 Shannon Johnstone and Anthony Corriveau Kevin McCabe Kim Manturuk
2022 Bill Harris Rees Stiles Julie Messina
2023 Heiko Rath Kevin Rumsey Beth Steffens

Patrick Gale

Julie Messina

Chris Gould Corrine McCarthy


Special Awards

Dave Smith Award for Meritorious Running and Service
1987 Rob Montgomery
1988 Tom Trent
1989 Margrid Krueger
2007 Ole Holsti


David Royle Award for Visionary Community Outreach
2001 Sam Griffith and Anne Marie Mulhern - founders of the Marathon Training Program
2016 Julie Messina and Martin Warters - founders of the Durham parkrun
2023 Gordon Keeler - to recognize years of exceptional service to the running community
True Grit Award for Inspirational Involvment
2020 Susan Hoerger
2022 Richard Wolfe


Presidents of Godiva Track Club

Year President
1975-1978 David Royle
1978-1979 Roland Rust
1979-1980 Walter High “Director of Operations”
1981-2/1984 Walter High
3/1984-1986 Rob Montgomery
1987 Kim Anglin
1988 Martha Klopfer
1989 Paul Naylor
1990 Margie Stockton
1991 Owen Astrachan
1992 Tom Fowler
1/1993-4/1993 Martin Shipp
5/1993-8/1993 Tom Fowler
9/1993-12/1993 Owen Astrachan
1994 John Horton
1995 Brian Palmer
1996 Gene Casale
1997 Jim Thornton
1998 Mickey Lackey
1999 Chris Crowder
2000 Chris Shields
2001 Lisa Beck
2002 Sam Griffith
2003 Chris Selvaggi
2004 Paul Bloom
2005 Heather Sherrard
2006 Karla Henderson
2007 Patrick Bruer
2008 Tom Kirby
2009 Aline Lloyd
2010 Chris Gould
2011 Chris Boyce
2012 Halle Amick
2013 Doug Hensel
2014 Brandy Burns
2015 Jamie Lewis
2016 Jess Broglie
2017 Anthony Corriveau
2018 Bill Harris
2019 Heiko Rath
2020 Ariana Bevilacqua
2021 Susie Castellanos Hansley
2022 Kevin Rumsey
2023 Jo Chiti


Godiva Newsletter Editors

1977 (Issues 1 & 2) David Royle
1978 Eloise Grathwohl
1979 Walter High
1980-2/1981 Gary Hansell
3/1981-9/1982 Bonnie Hanks
10/1982 Walter High
11/1982-6/1984 Ellen Covey
7/1984-9/1990 Margrid Krueger
10/1990-4/1992 Martin Brody
5/1992-12/1993 Margrid Krueger
1994-1/1995 Karla Henderson
2/1995-1/1996 Paul Gronke
2/1996-1998 Patrick Bruer
1999-5/2006 Tom Kirby
6/2006-7/2006 John Lloyd
8/2006 Tom Kirby
9/2006-12/2006 Patrick Bruer
2007-6/2008 Claudia Clarke
7/2008-10/2010 Jennifer (Mickey) Fong
11/2010-6/2012 Thomas Markham
7/2012-10/2012 Anthony Corriveau
11/2012-4/2014 Shauna Griffin
5/2014-6/2015 Ravi Kashyap
7/2015 -2/2019 Susie Hansley
3/2019- Mark Manz