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The Point 262
Durham, NC
June 25,2017
Craig Gilbert1:32.9
Celebration Run 5K
Jacksonville, Fl
July 04,2017
William Harris23:24
Keep Raleigh Indpendent 4 Mile
Raleigh, NC
July 04,2017
Tim Meigs22:20 1st M Master
Four on the 4th
Carborro, NC
July 04,2017
Barton Bechard22:46 1st M Master
Jim Clabuesch24:34 1st M 50 - 54
Kevin Nickodem25:26 3rd M Master
David Couper26:41 1st M 60 - 64
Bryan Hassin27:54
Kevin Rumsey28:14
Owen Astrachan29:01 2nd M 60 - 64
Douglas Hensel29:19
Tom Hoerger29:40
Richard Finnegan30:25
Ravi Jhaveri31:29
Gordon Caviness32:07
Tina Clossick32:31
Martin Leivers33:14
Michelle Conner33:46
Shauna Griffin33:53
Thomas Griffin33:59 1st M 70 - 74
Harriet Kinyamu34:25
Ariana Bevilacqua35:38
Peter Hessling36:40
William Schmitz36:51
Julie Messina40:14
Julie Horton40:18 3rd F 55 - 59
Erin Hensel40:29
Tom Arnel40:29
George Retsch-Bogart40:37
Rachel Cotter40:40
Joao Correia41:02
Jerry Surh42:13 1st M 75+
Katie Barrett43:23
Carol Scheible43:36
Joan Boone44:44
Junior Simmonds45:15
Nai-L Finney45:45
Alfred Kleinhammes48:18
Randy Kauftheil48:27
Ari Kauftheil48:28
Carol Walton51:09
Susie Hansley55:51
Chicago Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon
Chicago, Il
July 15,2017
William Harris2:00:36
Chicago Rock-n-Roll 10K
Chicago, Il
July 16,2017
Susan Harris1:10:54
Heat of the Night Fun Run
Durham, NC
July 15,2017
Kevin Rumsey26:17
Dwight Firestine38:16
USATF Masters Outdoor Championship 1500M

July 16,2017
Jay Smith06:30
Beat the Heat 5K
Winston-Salem, NC
July 16,2017
Tim Meigs16:50
Barton Bechard17:23