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Geezer Pleezer 4 Mile Run

A highly competitive race for all ages, and a long time Godiva favorite.

Date: Sun., Feb. 10, 10 AM (Tentative)

Time: Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 9:50 a.m.  Race starts at 10:00 a.m.

Location: Carolina Friends School, 4809 Friends School Road

Race Director: - 919-383-8434

RSVP: Please help to speed things along at race day registration by sending us this online, no-obligation  RSVP for the Geezer Pleezer. We'll have a start time and bib number pre-assigned for you.

Registration: Because of the nature of the starts, all runners have to be registered and their bibs and info entered into the race computer before we can begin. For this reason, and because we really want to get that first runner started as close to 10 AM as possible, race day registration will close at 9:50 AM. Please plan to arrive before then, even if you have RSVP'd.

Course Map

The Lowdown on the Run: This race is handicapped based on age and sex. We use the latest World Masters Athletics age-graded performance factors to determine the “offset times,” which are the amount of a head-start that older (as well as younger-than-21) runners get. The race begins when the participant(s) having the highest offset time start running, but the race clock only begins counting down at that point. Successive runners’ offset times decrease in 15-second intervals, and the last-to-start (males 21-31) take off when the clock reaches 0:00. The clock then begins to count upwards, and all finishers get a recorded time based on the time elapsed since that point. As usual, the first runner to cross the finish line wins.

Prizes: We will have small prizes for the top ten finishers and there will be post-race snacks for all.

Need some  motivation? It takes an age graded score of 70% or greater to make it into the  Geezer Pleezer Hall of Fame.