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Summer Track 2020 - Selfie Tour Edition

Beginning June 1st through August 5th we will have a ten week selfie version of summer track. Each week you have Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to get your race on.

We have identified six greenways throughout the Triangle Submit Your Results - Clipboard black where the distances up to a mile will be marked, or you can find your own location. Pick a place, run your race, take a selfie and enter your results online. You don’t need to be a member to participate. The cost is $0.00. Of course we encourage joining the club to help offset insurance costs. 

There will be the typical awards for club members. Iron Man if you get 30 points, with one point per completed event and a maximum of 4 points a week. Full Kirby: run all 50 events. Take the Tour Award: run at least once at all suggested locations.

Follow all posted notices and greenway rules, have fun, and try to run around 7:00 in the evening to keep that hot summer track feeling.

And if you do take a selfie, please share it with the Godiva's Facebook page, or send it to us via email.


Summer Track Selfie Collage

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Maps and Descriptions for Marked Locations:

Schedule and Results

June 1 - Long July 6 - Short
June 8 - Short July 13 - Long
June 15 - Long July 20 - Short
June 22 - Short July 27 - Long
June 29 - Long August 3 - Short
  • Long Night Events
  • Mile Run
  • 200m
  • Mile Walk
  • 800m
  • 5k
  • Short Night Events
  • 1500m Run
  • 100m
  • 1500m Walk
  • 400m
  • 3k

Suggested Full Kirby Logistics

Logistics for a long night. Run the mile. At the finish cool down and run the 200m in the other direction. Go back to the mile finish and get your mile race walk on. You are now back at the start. Get your 800m in. Walk back to the start and use your GPS watch to run out 1.55 miles out, turn around and run back for you 5k.

Logistics for the short night. Run the 1500m. Go to the finish of the mile, only 109 meters further. Run the 100m in the other direction. Go back to the finish and get your 1500m race walk on. At the end of the race walk keep going 109 meters to the start. Run you 400m. Walk back to the start, run out the 1500 m mark turn around and run back to the start line for you 3000 m.